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The Law Offices of Philip G. Perkins specializes in a broad spectrum of the law to include:

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The Law Offices of Philip G. Perkins is a respected trial attorney who specializes in helping clients seek justice on behalf of various legal issues. Our firm has earned a reputation for achieving impressive results in difficult cases. When it comes to an attorney with experience, we have taken on countless cases with very high success rates.

With over 15 years experience as a trial attorney, our team ensures you receive the best possible representation in court. Many of our firm’s caseloads involve legal action on behalf of clients who seek compensation in the area of intellectual property, product liability, real estate, personal injury, as well as criminal defense, and divorce. Your initial consultation will begin with a thorough review of your story and we will select an expert attorney for your particular case. Your case attorney will no doubt be a passionate advocate for justice, and will work hard to deliver dynamic results. As an expert litigation attorney, rest assured your case will be taken with priority and resolved with a verdict, dismissal, or reduction of charges. Our vast resources and knowledge of the law will help you exercise your constitutional rights without consent, making your chances of success much higher in court.

If you are looking for an affordable attorney with high performance rates to represent you, contact the Law Offices of Philip G. Perkins in Jackson, Alabama at 251-246-4279 to schedule a consultation today.

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